Personal Projects

I'm always designing whether at work or on my own time. Take a look at some of the things I've created.

No. 10 - Magic 8-Ball

Alien Cat Bot

I took a part time coding course to learn HTML/CSS/Javascript. For my final project I created an Alien Cat Bot that gives real talk advice. Try it out!

No. 9 - Education & Technology Hackathon - Long Surveys





I worked with the client The Whether and led a team of two designers and two developers to revamp a personality to career matching survey experience. 

Constraint: Survey questions and using the 1 through 5 numeric answering scale could not be changed.


  • Have the user focus on each question one at a time rather than barrage them with all questions at once.
  • Give a progress indicator and title of the section to give a sense of where the user is.
  • Allow for the user to save their progress so they can resume anytime (since it's a ridiculously long survey).
  • Give more context to the scale of 1 to 5 so the user can better identify where they stand. 

No. 8 - 404 Page

404 Page

404 Pages can disrupt an experience, but a little fun and imagination helps ease the frustration of running into one and get the user back on course.

No. 7 - Settings Page


Settings page for an app that acts as a buddy alert system. I added the check marks and x to the toggles to better signify whether the setting is "on" or "off". 

No. 6 - App Icon


Icon designs for a fictitious app meant to induce warm fuzzy feelings. I used this challenge to play around with vectors and shapes.

No. 5 - Profile Page

Skincare Profile

Mobile app for a fictitious cosmetic social network. The profile picture is larger in order for a user to see if the person they are viewing visually has a similar facial complexion. This would influence if they are interested in following the profile and what skincare and makeup products that profile uses.

No. 4 - Tip Calculator

Tip Calculator

A tip calculator using a sliding function to adjust number of people and tip percentage. Tax would be calculated based on current location.

No. 3 - Landing Page


I decided to re-design the landing page of my favorite local Thai restaurant, Sai Jai Thai. Get their pork shoulder fried rice.

Their original page (here) took a lot of scrolling before seeing essential information such as business hours and location.

I decided to pull that information up front and gave the landing page a lighter atmosphere to reflect the homey experience of eating there. 

No. 2 - Credit Card Checkout


Credit card checkout that lets you tap on the card for manual entry or simply take a picture to input the information.

No. 1 - Sign Up Page

Sign Up

Sign up page for a fictitious service that connects consumers to their local farmers.

Other Case Studies

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