Mobility Matters

Designing An Online Fall Prevention Resource for Older Adults

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Mobility Matters is a website platform that focuses on fall prevention exercises for older adults. Their exercise philosophy is based on continually doing four focus areas of exercises that has daily application and promotes independent living.

My Role: Lead UX Designer

  • Client Communication
  • User Research
  • Usability Tests
  • Copywriting
  • Wireframes
  • Prototype

Team: 3 UX Designers

Target Screen: Desktop

Software Tools: Sketch, InVision


More older adults are using the internet to accomplish daily tasks and goals. There needed to be a platform where older adults can trust and feel empowered to prevent themselves from falling.


We designed a website interface that serves as a self-guided fall prevention exercise program for older adults.

Understanding an Underserved Demographic

Interview Numbers

13 User Interviews

  • Older adults are capable of using and learning digital interfaces when there is a purpose or see a benefit from it
  • Motivation to exercise is to maintain daily function and prolong independent living
  • Older adults are more likely to explore something new based on word of mouth from people or resources they trust

Best Practices

  • Font Size: With ageing eyes it becomes more difficult to read small text
  • Color: Appears less saturated and distinguishing between similar colors become difficult
  • Memory: Decreased ability to apply working memory with complex or new interfaces

What's Out There for the Elderly Now?

Competitive Analysis

Although many sites offer exercises and a plethora of information, none of them offer a structured program.

It's Not About Looking Good, It's About Living Longer

What Users Needed
  • Guidance: Seniors are looking for support of where to start and a type of habitual regimen 
  • Credible Source: Trustworthy and reliable information brings peace of mind
  • Impact: Seniors are self-aware of their changing bodies and want to see their efforts to maintain independence come to fruition

What Does it Look Like Currently

Old Homepage
  • The text links are are small difficult to read
  • There is no upfront information on how the program works, users must click a link first
  • Two conflicting call to action buttons, users wouldn't know where to begin.

New Insights Pave Way To Information Architecture

New Navigation
  • Currently there are 4 videos each covering a focus area. In addition there are three different levels.
  • Which way should the videos be organized to best create a guided program experience?

Our client wanted to make sure older adults were doing exercises from all four focus areas but stick consistently to their appropriate level.

Hypothesis 1

Group by Focus Area

Concept 2

Hypothesis 2

Group by Level

Concept 1

Key Takeaway - Organize videos by level to ensure users do all four focus areas and create a more guided experience.


User Flow

How Terry would navigate this site to do all the exercises she needs

What Worked And What Didn't Work

Usability Testing
  • Needed prompting to scroll down
  • Did not know where to start
  • Very meticulous, focused on copy to understand content
  • Understood labeled icons

Final Deliverables

Annotaded Redesign Screens


Next Steps

  • When video content is updated, make sure design changes do not confuse users
  • Develop an onboarding process or e-mail subscription flow to remind and encourage users to return

Inclusive Design

What I Learned

Per Nielson Norman Group, as of 2012, 19 million American seniors use the internet with a 16% growth rate each year

Talking to many senior citizens shed light to how challenging it can be finding help. Resources in print are scarce and not as updated. The internet is overwhelming and even unforgiving at times.  

I learned that part of making better design is to be inclusive. Older adults have needs too. Daily tasks such as driving or grocery shopping become increasingly difficult. Design that is more cognizant of senior citizens' needs can help better connect businesses and services to them. That's what it means to "change the world" and "make people's lives better".

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